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Jesse Tabish, Other Lives

Stillwater, Oklahoma is not the hotbed of indie music in the way that Los Angeles and New York are. But let's face it, the reality of the music business is that many indie artists struggle financially. And living on the expensive coasts doesn't help matters.

So what does Jesse Tabish, the singer and songwriter for Other Lives, do with the rest of the band?  They live in Stillwater, where Tabish pays $370 a month in rent.  It's an easy decision, really: he can spend more time on the creative process and less time making money by teaching guitar lessons.  And that creative process was revamped for the new album, which Other Lives finished last week.  It's their second album on TBD Records, having released their first in 2009.  Whereas Tabish used to begin writing a song with the traditional guitar or piano, for this new album he started with  "a simple medium like a single piano note or some sort of drone." According to Tabish, "I was tired of sitting down with an acoustic guitar and saying, 'I'm going to write a song today,' and falling on the same chord, the same movements."

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