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Paul Banks, Interpol

As per the custom of this site, this is an interview about an artist's songwriting process. In this case, Paul Banks of Interpol.  But while I normally ask many artists about the tangible part of their writing process--where they write, how they write, when they write--much of my discussion with Banks was about literature, philosophy, and the awareness he possesses about his songwriting process.  Because that's as much a part of his songwriting process as the actual pen-to-paper part.

Good writers recognize that their writing process takes place when they walk, talk, eat, sleep, and think.  In other words, it starts way before they start writing.  By contrast, inexperienced writers don't see invention, or what happens before the writing, as a part of their process, so they get frustrated when they think they write too slowly.  But when Banks reads Henry Miller and Herman Melville? That's a part of his writing process.  When he carries melodies in his head for a week?  That's also a part of his process. And when he thinks about language or thinks about how music interacts with the mind, that's part of his process too.

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