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Sherri DuPree-Bemis & Stacy King, Eisley

Last Friday I caught Eisley at the Rock n' Roll Hotel here in Washington, DC.  I'm a newcomer to their music, so after interviewing sisters and bandmembers Sherri DuPree-Bemis and Stacy DuPree-King, I wanted to check them out live.  Leading up to the show, what struck me about their music was its strong melodic element.  And live shows by a band whose lyrics I don't really know are a way to confirm this; the music just sounds good even though I may not be able to make out the lyrics. And that's what happened at the Eisley show that night.

What I heard Friday confirms what DuPree-Bemis and DuPree-King told me: that in the first stages of their songwriting process, melody comes naturally.  It's so effortless, in fact, that DuPree-Bemis even writes songs in her sleep, literally, as you'll read.  And according to DuPree-King, "The melody is a language in itself." Of course, it's not as if the four siblings and their cousin who make up the band are short on lyrical content: the band went through a professional divorce (from Warner Bros.) and a personal one as well (DuPree-Bemis divorced in 2007 before recently remarrying).

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