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Juliette Commagere

If you happen to be eating in a restaurant and see Juliette Commagere suddenly get up from her table, notebook or iPhone in hand, and rush to the bathroom, don't be alarmed.  She's in the middle of her writing process.  And if you are a fan of Commagere's music, you'd be wise not to follow her in.  Because she writes best when she's alone. 

According to Commagere, a major shift in the inspiration phase of her writing process took place a few years ago, when she became more open to observing everything around her, not just certain things.  In short, she became hypersensitive to her surroundings.  That means, then, that if she hears or sees something in a restaurant that might serve as a catalyst to a song, she's going to get up and go to the bathroom to either scribble down some lyrics or sing into her iPhone.

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