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Jimmy Chamberlin, Smashing Pumpkins

Ah, the life of the rock star: adoring fans, packed gigs, fame, global travel, and . . . Montessori schools? Such is the happy life of Jimmy Chamberlin.  He's been involved in music for 38 years, most famously as the drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins and most recently with his new band Skysaw.  His time as a musician has given him a unique perspective on the role of the songwriter in society, a role that transcends merely traveling from city to city playing music.  For Chamberlin, it's much bigger than that.

According to him, the songwriter, like any other writer, has a duty to "put the sophistication back in society." Chamberlin does his part: he reads constantly, often three or four books at a time, and makes sure that his young children see him reading so that they follow suit.  As a result, they've become bookworms (his 8 year-old has read The Hobbit).  And this brings us to his children's Montessori school, where he sits on the board of directors and champions the importance of reading.  Chamberlin's love of the written word is not surprising, given that his favorite writer is Emily Dickinson.

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