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David Bazan

David Bazan had me at "Galway Kinnell." You see, Kinnell is one of my favorite poets, one of the best around.  Before my interview with Bazan, I interviewed Jeremy Messersmith and had mentioned that songwriters should read more poetry and that they should start with Kinnell.  After talking to Messersmith, I had some time to kill, so I opened one of my Galway Kinnell books and read.  So when Bazan told me later that day, unprompted, that he was a Kinnell fan, I swooned all the way out of my chair.

There's so much to Bazan's songwriting process.  He's one of those songwriters who sees himself as a writer, not just a songwriter.  Had he seen me on the other end of the phone when he told me about his creative process, I would have been nodding my head vigorously, because so much of what he said is what I tell other writers:

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