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Jack Tempchin, Eagles songwriter

For many of the songwriters I interview, the digital revolution has always been a part of their lives.  So it would be easy to think that they embrace technology in their songwriting process.  Not so.  All of them use journals, diaries, little black books, even typewriters.  Heck, one even still owns a Sony Discman.

Enter Jack Tempchin, from the southern California singer/songwriter scene in the 1970s.  When he started writing, people used yellow pads and pencils.  So we might excuse Tempchin for sticking to his original method. But what does Tempchin use?  An iPhone.  This is the bizarro world of songwriting, where twenty-somethings use typewriters and diaries, and singer/songwriters from the 70s use iPhones.  

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Tim Jones, Truth and Salvage Co.

You need only spend a few minutes talking to Tim Jones, one of the four songwriters in the band Truth and Salvage Co., to realize that he is a man without a generation.  And I mean that in a good way.  Read the book Hotel California: The True Life Adventures of Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, Mitchell, Taylor, Browne, Ronstadt, Geffen, the Eagles, and Their Many Friends by Barney Hoskyns, and you'll see what I mean.  It's about the singer/songwriter scene in southern California from the mid 60s through the 70s.  The artists in that scene valued the craft of the song, sat around and played a lot of guitar and piano, and spoke of the emotional connection between them and their instruments.  This is where Jones belonged.

He lives a bungalow in LA--an obvious connection to the 70s singer/songwriter scene.  There is a close bond, a spiritual connection, between him, his musical instrument, and his song.  It's a genuine affection, to such an extent that he writes only when he needs his instrument or it needs him.  Theirs is a symbiotic relationship.

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